Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bigger is Better

In my last post I told of how I needed to have my Go! cutter from Accuquilt repaired.  I did send it back last Thursday.  However, the Studio cutter is on sale and I decided to upgrade as well.  That way, I will have a back up cutter in the future.

My cutter arrived today and I set it up. I didn't have time to "play" for an extended amount of time, but I did cut 10 2.5" strips with the studio die cutter.  Well, I had to sit down. I liked my Go! but their is no comparison to the Studio. If you have trouble turning the handle on the Go! try the Studio because it rolled through so smoothly that I thought it din't cut the fabric!  Those white boards are to be used with the Go! dies on the Studio cutter and I haven't tried that yet.  If you want to see specs on the cutter, visit Accuquilt. As you can see, I purchased a few dies as well. I'm having such a hard time staying OFF Accuquilt's site. LOL Right now the only down side is that that cutter needs a lot of space. That is a kitchen counter top that I used to store some of my fabric stash. It needs all that space so the tray and enter and exit without bumping into anything.



  1. Tea, put the Go down & back away LOL

  2. LOL, fabric in the kitchen! I think the rest of my family would have something to say about that. And on the flip side, I don't want them messing around with food near my fabric either!

  3. OK, I think my husband may not like you. I have never seriously considered a cutter, but you have made me extremely jealous. Sigh. Must investigate!!

    Nice to meet you!


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