Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lazy Angle Ruler Project

I just love the Lazy Angle ruler.  Imagine my shock and delirium when I found I could use another of my favorite rulers with it.  I started with a jelly roll I'd purchase from WalMart a very long time ago.  See the price, it was a bargain, having 50 strips in the package.  A few cons with this is that the fabric strips are repeated at least 3-5 times, the jelly roll I got wasn't cut straight causing a lot of bowing near the fold, and the jelly roll wasn't 2.5" as packages.  It was more like 2-3/8".  I had to make some modifications below in the instructions because of the poor cutting job.

 Unroll your jelly roll and look at how pretty they are.  Don't do this part too long though or your project will never get completed.

I wanted to make units like this using my Lazy Angle ruler. (Sorry about the glare.)

So, I sewed three strips together. I used 39 of the strips, making 13 stratas. Press seams as you wish.

Fold your stratas in half, right sides together. Cut 60 A and 60 A(reverse) units using the directions in  the ruler.  Because the stratas are folded, you will automatically create your reverse units. (NOTE: I'm left handed so these instructions will need to be reversed for right hand cutters. Square up one end then place your ruler as shown.  Please note that prior to cutting my units, I squared my stratas to 5.5" because the the poorly cut jelly roll I received.  You would probably want to use 6.5" to cut your units.

When cutting, you will rotate your ruler as you cut. PLEASE, follow the directions that came with the ruler. It's very easy to use the wrong line if you are not paying attention.

Aren't they pretty?  Here is an A unit and A-Reverse unit.

I laid them out so I could see my little space for the diamond. Now, a quick look through the stash to come up with a contract fabric. Found some and then started think "I really didn't wnat the center seam in the block.

This is how the unit should look.

I wanted one piece, so I got my 60 degree ruler to see if it would work. NO, THE 60 DEGREE RULER WILL NOT WORK as the angle is a little off.  So, I grabbed my Tri-Rec ruler and wa-la, it worked!

 So cut 60 triangles from the Tri-Recs ruler for this project. I love that the top flat portion lines up perfectly when piecing. Sew 60 units as shown below.

Sew two halves into a block. You will make a total of 30 blocks.

Square your blocks up. Mine were squared up to 10.5" square.  If you used 6.5" units, you will square your blocks to 12.5" square.  Lay blocks in a 5 x 6 setting, separating like fabrics if needed.  Sew blocks together into quilt top.

I do have a border on the quilt but forgot to take that photo.  I plan to baste is and start quilting it tomorrow..

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  1. Nice quilt, thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. The units look like they go together fast and the quilt is lovely. In spite of all the problems you had with the strips, they are really pretty.


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