Sunday, November 25, 2012

Scrap Quilting Club

Yesterday was the last scrap quilting club meeting for the year.  This marks the end of the third year.  I've really enjoyed this group as everyone is so helpful, happy to be in attendance, and just a plain joy to know.  We had a true potluck lunch and everything was just wonderful. I don't recall my stomach growling all of yesterday after this meal.  All scrap club members who has paid for the entire year but not at the meeting yesterday, please see me to get your door prizes because you were all winners yesterday.  I will bring the prizes to FVQG's meeting in December.  If I don't see you in December, I'll bring them to next year's meeting. Big THANK YOU to the group for the Jackman's gift card I received yesterday. I really appreciate it and all you do all year to help the club run smoothly.

We had a few show and tell projects, some scrap club related, other not.

Link for Flying in Squares (note that I planned the blocks for an on point setting, creating the side and corner triangles) - we used this pattern as our year long project.

 Link for little trees:

 Link for Mon Sheri Waves

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  1. So much fun! What a great group!!! Always an inspiring show and tell. I'm looking forward to next year and some finished projects. ;) Peggy FVQG


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