Sunday, October 21, 2012

Missouri State Quilters Guild Retreat

On Friday I left work three hours early to go to a quilt retreat organized by the Missouri State Quilters Guild.  I had been a member for about 3 years and I think my membership lapsed for about a year or two.  I'd always wanted to go but could never coordinate the dates into my schedule or couldn't get my friends' schedules to fit.  Well, this year it fit my schedule and I decided to attend. I had so much fun.  The hotel was great, the food was great (except for the extra strong coffee), the company was exceptional and I met old and new friends alike.  I'm going to work very hard to keep my schedule open to attend next year.

I've NEVER been to a retreat with almost 150 participants. It wasn't even in my imagination!  The organizers under Pat Smith's direction did a fantastic job. It takes many hands to pull off a wonderful event. Thank you to all the workers this weekend.

One-half of the participants during the Jelly Roll Race. I didn't participate but about eleven people did.  It was a hoot.

I took the Spicy Spiral Table Runner class.  I enjoyed the class and the process so much so that I plan to make a few more. I have a few photos of the class results, with my quilt being first. I'm making it for my mom who loves neutral colors.

 Then, we had a scrappy hat contest. I took photos of some of my favorites around my sitting area.  A few of them are winners, but I can't remember which one is which.  However, the nest won first place.

 The retreat chairperson gave her hat to one of the severs (I think his name is David) and he humored us and put it on and did a fancy bow.
For the challenge quilt, this was viewer's choice.

 Here is the raffle table. Can't see all the products, Here are three more shots with close up. I just had to buy a set of tickets. And I did.

See that sewing machine, I could use that for traveling, or how about the Rowenta traveling irons, I could use them too.

I love fabric too, or how about updating some of my rulers.  See  that Ott Lite i the back. Oh my, I must purchase more tickets. And I did get more.

Now, who don't need more storage containers and the flowers were even up for grabs.

I'm trying to be cool, but in my head I hear "Oh, please call me number and call it early as I really, really want one of those travel iron.

My number got called, but not early enough to get the irons or the sewing machine.  I did get some pretty dot fabrics I had my eyes on as well.

This post doesn't even begin to show everything that happened at retreat  I was having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures. We received very nice welcome packets, door prizes a lot of intangible items that a monetary value couldn't be placed.  We have wonder quilt shops from around the state supply our need to purchase "just one more item" LOL, display quilts, etc.


  1. OMG, what a fantastic guilt retreat. I loved reading about what went on there. So happy you were able to attend.

  2. So fun!!! The spirals look great! Peggy FVQG


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