Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I've had a busy, productive week.  I started out doing a little shop hopping in Troy and O'Fallon, Illinois with a friend.  Then I gave a presentation to our quilt guild about the Scrap Quilting Club and showed the quilts we worked on last year.  I limited each participant to 4 projects each and we still went over 20 minutes.  The program was a big success and I think we will have a few new members in the next two months.

Then I had my line dancing event on Friday so I decided to add embroidery to a t-shirt.  Well, the shirt got caught early on in the embroidery process but I didn't know it so I had to add another chick to cover the hole I had to cut to get the shirt to lay flat again.  
So I sewed out another one without any mishaps this time on a beige t-shirt..

I had my sewing group over on Saturday and did not get a chance to work on 100 blocks this week as I spent my time cleaning and cooking for the group.  After they left, I finished the center of the scrappy stars quilt that was assigned to the scrap quilting club in February, due this week.  Not pictured is the prep work for this week's class as I forgot to take a picture.  We have a really neat project that I'll talk about after class on Saturday.

I started this machine embroidery project designed by The Stitch Connection.  If you want more information on the pattern, view this post I made last week.  This is 4 of 12 main blocks and those small embroideries are 2" finished and I needed 12 of them.  This project will definitely keep me busy.

That's all for now.  To see more design walls, visit Patchwork Times.


  1. Love the embroidery blocks, can't wait to see the rest. Very nice.

  2. nifty t shirt. don't you love self portraits!

  3. Such eye candy and you have you have really been busy.

  4. Beautiful quilts Tea. And I love your tshirts too. No one will ever know that you had to patch one of these tshirts with an extra bird, unless they read this. Great way to make the shirt still usable and the extra bird really looks cute there. Love it. Great job.


  5. It's hard to believe that these embroideries are so small! Beautiful!

  6. Cute T shirt!

    Going over 20 minutes seems like very little when so many want to share :)

    Cute embroideries--lots of color changes, I see!

  7. Love the t-shirt, very cute! Really like the green and yellow sashing in your scrap quilt, would have never considered those colors with all the others. Looks great.

  8. Machine embroidery ..... magic words to my ears. Love all your projects.
    The chicks T-shirt is really cute.

  9. I just love the quilt with all of the Kaffe fabrics.


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