Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still plucking away on UFOs...

I'm getting a lot done but still have 117 UFOs on my list. I'm just amazed at that. Fellow quilters believe I don't have UFOs when I get so much done. I am definitely a technique junky, quickly getting bored with the repetition sometimes required in quiltmaking. I abhor quilting large quilts on my regular sewing machine so I have a lot of bed size tops that are ready for quilting. I'm teaching the Exploding Star quilt next Friday at a guild retreat and decided (last minute of course) that I should quilt this quilt for the class. It's almost embarrassing that I started this quilt 9/24/2005. When showing it to students for show-n-tell in 2007, they wanted me to schedule a class. I started a miniature version for class (which is not completed either) as I didn't need two this size. Yesterday I basted the top and began quilting it. I have about 1/5 of it quilted. I'll keep you up to date and let you know if I can get it done by next Wednesday. If you'd like to see more of my WIPs look at these two pages on my website: http://teaquilts.com/wips.htm AND http://teaquilts.com/more_wips.htm I haven't updated the site in a while as I'm using blogger temporarily. Some of the WIPs are completed, like Turning Twenty Again and Batik Quilt. I hope you enjoy looking around my site. -------------------------- Type-u-later, Tea in MO http://www.teaquilts.com


  1. Hi Tea,
    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago. I completely understand you having so many UFOs. I am a quilter that dreads the actual quilting of a quilt. hahahaha. I have mostly finished tops waiting for my attention. 2 years ago I purchased a Handi Quilter frame and Brother machine from a friend and am hoping this will be the motivation I need to get me going. Oh and your Exploding Star looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the response Regina. I too dread the actual act of quilting, especially on my regular home sewing machine. I don't have the space for any type of long arm system - unless I make major changes, like remove my living room furniture - NOT. I do know a lady who did. Enjoy your system. I have a friend who did the same thing you did. She also purchased the PC quilter with it though.


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