Friday, June 19, 2009

Reporting in early this week

FYI: I respond to comments personally as sometimes I'm not able to access by blog away from my home computer where I can post comments and send e-mails. At that point, it's easier for me to reply to an e-mail. If you too have the same question as a previous blogger, ask away and I'll send you a response too. Now on to the good stuff. My quilt guild met last evening and here are pictures of my flower challenge quilt. I machine embroidered 50 different flower designs from various designers. The quilt path created during piecing reminds me of paths. So, I decided to name this quilt after a local garden in my area, Missouri Botanical Gardens. The quilt has a few butterflies, an owl, a bird or two, and a couple of bees. All the print fabrics are floral. It was a joy to make this quilt. The quilt won two ribbons: 1st place in Wall/Bed Quilt and 2nd place Viewer's Choice. Here is a close up of the quilt for your to see. I used a friend's long arm machine to quilt it. Nothing fancy, just wanted to get it done. I did meet my weekly goal of completing the knotty purse and Christmas Charm tote. The purse is being donated to guild for a brown bag raffle drawing. The tote will be used to deliver Christmas gifts. I don't plan to complete anything else over the weekend as I'm teaching a class on Saturday. Oh, I have to make a quick handout for that as well. Gee, it seems I always have plenty to do...
-------------------------- Type-u-later, Tea in MO


  1. Love the quilt! I'm working on an all floral one too. I can see why yours won the ribbons.

  2. Love your quilt too! Congratulations:o)


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