Monday, June 8, 2009

Completed the Exploding Star and more WIPs Listed

Hey, I'm posting more than once a month again! I decided that trying to remember an entire month of things I've done when I'm very productive is difficult to do. I had a productive week. I hand sewed the binding on my flower challenge quilt (picture will be posted after June 18th). In addition, I basted my scrappy ocean waves quilt. I just decided that it did not need a border as it's just a lecture sample. I placed the blocks on point and then figured out how to piece the setting triangles and corner blocks. It was a lot of fun. I need to learn (and remember it) how to make smaller quilts when needed only for teaching.
The big drum roll goes to the EXPLODING STAR! I completed the quilt last evening about 9:30. It took me five days of quilting on my sewing machine to get it done. The quilting process was pure torture and many times I had mental images of destroying the quilt (but not in actuality.) This one has truly been a labor of love. I started this quilt September 24, 2005. It took me about six months to piece as I used it as my chain on/off project. I've taught the class twice before completing the quilt. I just decided that I wasn't going to teach it again as a quilt top only. Sometimes impromptu, crazy goals is what it takes to get me moving.
Here is a round robin quilt organized through a swap group. I may get this one basted after I make a backing for it. I have a simple flag that I made years ago that would make a good start for the back. I have outgrown the simplistic nature of the flag and couldn't decide what to do with it.
This week I plan to make a name banner and teach at a quilting retreat. I'm in the process of packing class items. Then I will have to decide what projects I'll work on in my down time. I have a couple of scrap quilts that I've neglected for too long. So, I'll probably take a couple of those. But first, my embroidery club meets tonight so no sewing for me today. -------------------------- Type-u-later, Tea in MO


  1. Your Exploding Star quilt is beautiful! Could you tell me where to find the pattern?


    Joyce Barham

  2. WOWZER! I love your Exploding Star. It is gorgeous and amazing!


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