Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Updates for Chain Reaction and Round Robin Border

I'm still sewing on a couple of projects.  I finished the top for Chain Reaction.  I'll decide late if I want to add border to make larger, depending upon the recipient whom I haven't named yet.

The Chain Reaction quilt needed 6 blocks but 1/4 inch larger than half a block.  These were the pieces left over. Instead of dumping them in the trash or letting them hang around in the studio until I decide what to do with them, I sewed them together.  I can quilt as it or put into a future project, like a sampler quilt.  The goal is to do something with the pieces, creating a larger piece of fabric.

 I posted asking for suggestions on this round robin I received but didn't get any feedback.  I kept looking at this trying to determine what the owner wants.  Is it a night nature scene?  I couldn't add flowers because you wouldn't necessarily see them in the dark. Stars could be added; guess that would have been okay.  I wasn't feeling any of that though so I came up with something else. I was thinking that maybe the owner wants a string quilt.  Well, I have PLENTY of those hanging around.  I pulled all values and tones of orange, yellow, green, blue and brown strings from my bin.

Ta-da! This is what I came up with.  I free hand cut the side borders.  For the corner blocks, I used my GO! Drunkard's Path die (3.5" finished  and them trimmed them down to 3" finished.  I really like this quilt top and am looking forward to seeing what the next person adds.

Now, back to working on my charity quilt!

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  1. I like what you came up with for the border and corners.


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