Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Update

I'm still working on my Chain Reaction blocks. I needed 30 more and here are 15 this way....

 And I started the other 15 this way.  I stopped when I cut 4 of them in the wrong direction.  I have very limited amount of the background fabric so I had to do some creative thinking to save the fabric.  I fixed the four I cut wrong and am working on the last 9 blocks.

I also made some more "signature blocks" for a charity quilt.  Here are some possible layouts for the blocks Where I will not have too many seams to match.  The first one has all the blocks facing the same direction; no matching needed for this one.

Making the blocks in quarters and flipping them one-quarter turn can do do things.  This first one has an "X" in the middle with "V's" going out.  Very interesting.  I will have to match seams that meet in the center of the quilt, but not every seam.

This setting, 1/4 turn create squares as you flip the quarters.  Again, I'll have to match the seams down the center of t he quilt.  I think this one is a winner. Now I need to make about 50 more blocks to create the quilt top.
Happy quilting everyone!
-------------------------- Type-u-later,


  1. Good save Tea! We quilters know how to work our way out of a situation with fabric.

  2. I'm glad you caught the error in the Chain Reaction blocks before it caused too many problems.


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