Monday, February 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday 2/3/2013

Sorry this post starts with sad news but it will pick up with my progress later on.  I attended a retreat last weekend, January 25-27, and really had a great time.  
This is a picture of my friend and table mate, Karen. She had foot surgery and was on a one-legged scooter contraption because she couldn't apply pressure to the foot.  I assisted her the entire weekend, helping to get her equipment into the center, getting water, ice, food, and assisting however I could to make her stay enjoyable.  We are both members of the quilt guild sponsoring the retreat, but we also are members of a 6-member guild that meet in each other's home on a monthly basis. We function like a large guild in every aspect.  I dropped her off at home last Sunday and she was tired but so excited that she got out the house as she was getting bored.  It saddens me that she passed away last Tuesday due to a blood clot.  I've have had a mix emotions in the past week  I know that I will miss her dearly as she was the sweetest person I'd known, willing to assist others without expecting anything in return, even strangers.  I just wanted share with you a new angel that's watching over us and warn you that she's a perfectionist!

It's been two weeks since I posted and I do have a few projects that have moved along. We had an Asian inspired retreat and we had the option to make "Hu Hot Iron Caddy" This is a great pattern to make an iron caddy that doubles as an ironing surface as well. See that cord pocket on the outside; you can pack up and take the iron home while it's still hot.
Then I worked on a modified week whacker pattern. The top is pieced but I need to work on the border at some point. For this one, I used blue, green and red scraps. I have fabrics that have been in my stash from 1995.  They never go away!

 I also got an opportunity to sew these string blocks together.  I think this one may get a plain border; or I might change my mind as I haven't really decided yet.

For Superbowl Sunday I started out cleaning my studio. I haven't been able to sew in there for months.  After getting about 75% complete, I decided to reward myself and sew some stack blocks as they were already cut.  I have 21 blocks here. I may make about 40 of them so I need to cut down some 2.5" strips to continue.  I did piece some of the bricks to get rid of smaller scraps too.

Also in the photo above on Sunday, I sewed more tumbler units.  I'd previously sewed together 39 4-unit sections.  I laid them out as in photo below and realized I needed a few more with additional fabric choices.  Funny how if you have a large area to lay out the blocks/units the quilt top wants go be larger (okay they talk to me. LOL) So today I cut out more fabrics so I could make some new selections.  I now have 61 4-unit sections. I will save this project to work on Friday at my work group's craft night.

Please check Judy's site to see more design walls.



  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. It was kind of you to help her the way you did...but that's what friends do and I find quilty friends are the best to have. You are in my prayers and she is in a great place.

    You have done a ton of sewing! Wow. All your projects are great looking. I just finished up the same string quilt pattern you did and I was in a dilemma about my borders. I ended up extending the diamonds into the border. I used black and white fabric for my quilt. Visit my site and take a look. It's amazing the way the quilt changes with different color options.

    Thanks for sharing your stories. It make me take a pause and reflect! Have a blessed day.

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend Karen. It must have been a shock to you! But you are right, she is well now, and probably helping you with your corners too!

    Your string quilt is looking gorgeous. I love the white fabrics against the colours - they keep everything bright! What about just a piano key border?

  3. I'm sorry for your loss.

    The stacked bricks quilt is particularly eyecatching!

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. It hurts to lose a good friend.

    I've never been on a quilting retreat, but it sounds like something I'd enjoy, especially if it was with people I already knew.

    The projects are so much fun. I like the iron caddy. You really do need to be able to take it with you safely if you are traveling with one.

  5. Wow, Tea, I'm sorry to hear about Karen passing away. What a gift to have the time at retreat with her.

  6. Hi Tea. I'm sending warm thoughts your way. The loss of a dear friend is heartbreaking but memories are precious. Take care, my friend!!

  7. So sorry for your loss. It's hard to lose a friend unexpectedly or after a long health struggle. It's always hard. Your quilts are looking very nice. I love string quilts.

  8. I would like to share with the others my sadness for your lost. I am so glad though you were able to share some really good times with her.

  9. I'm sorry to hear of Karen's passing. What a shock it must have been to you and the others at the retreat. You have been sewing up a storm it seems. I like your string blocks setting. Also the weed whacker is very dramatic with the colors you've chosen.

  10. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, but take heart that you helped her have a wonderful weekend - and she was probably very grateful to have a dear friend like you ! Love all your work - especially the iron caddy - although I rarely take mine out of the house !

  11. Dear Teajuana, My sympathies are with you. My friends mean as much to me as family, so I can only imagine what it would be like to lose a close friend, especially so unexpectedly. Count your blessings that you got to have someone like Karen in your life.


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