Monday, February 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday 2/11/13

Today is my friend, Debra, birthday.  Happy birthday Debra!

I didn't do too much this week quilt wise.  I did press, organize and label the tumbler units shown on my design wall last week.  I must have done a lot of reading or playing Spades and/or Sudoku.

On Thursday the Trace n Create template arrived in the mail and I got majorly distracted and made two iPad covers for my daughter and I.  We have covers with the keyboard attached, but it's kind of dirty and a little heavy when we don't need the keyboard. I made the Mickey one first using pattern instructions.  It's a little too much wiggle room for me.

On the second one on the inside I added a pocket to put a note or two and a stylus.  Also, because the first one was a tad too large, I modified how far in the elastic straps extended.  The red strip is extra strip on the inside; the blue is the original called for by the pattern.  It's so cool that it stands up this way by itself.  I used layers of heavy weight Pellon inside instead of the plastic insert sheets recommended.

I squared up about 70 HSTs; still have approximately 60 more to go.  I sometimes dread this step in quiltmaking. These units will go on my weed whacker quilt in the border.

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  1. Just doing a little is still doing something. I love the covers you've made, BTW!!


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