Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bath Remodel Days 2-4

Day 2-3 photos are shown.  Today is Day 4 and the only difference is that all the pink drywall has been replaced.  All the walls have been taped and some type of "putty" (sorry, don't know the correct term) has been put on top.  Some parts were done yesterday and they were sanded.  One more day of sanding is needed.  Hopefully after the sanding, the floor boards for the cast iron tube needs to be replaced.  We did find another problem though.  The pipe that emits toilet fumes from the bathroom in the basement is not connected to the stack.  We'll get that fixed tomorrow (of course for an additional fee) LOL.  I have no problem paying for the service as Mike, the contractor, is doing an excellent job!

This framing is for the medicine cabinet.  It's square with beveled edges.  I wanted to have a white frame around it but couldn't find one with it already included.  By the time we build a frame around it, I will not have room for the over the toilet shelf unit.
 Sink area is all closed up instead of open square as we are getting a pedestal sink.  Hopefully it will make the bathroom appear a little larger over having a vanity.
 So my husband and I had a disagreement on where the recessed box in the shower should be placed.  The contractor turned around and said, I'll just make two!  We are both happy.
New ceiling light has been installed over the bathtub/shower area.  Yeah, no more dark showers!

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