Monday, August 20, 2012

Bath Remodel Day 1-not quilt related

I'm so excited to FINALLY get rid of the pink walls in the bathroom.  We are gutting the bathroom down to nothing but studs and starting over from scratch.  I was so sick of the pink walls that I purchased a blue/green shower curtain!  This bathroom hasn't had any work since 2006 when I painted it pink to cover imperfections in the drywall.  We did the tile at the same time, but everything else was as we purchased it.

Here are the before walls.  I took as much of the wall as I could get in the photos.  This room is only 5'x6' not including the tub so it's very, very tiny.

 I'm tired of the lights and medicine cabinet.  Not enough space to hide the clutter. I need more space to hold hair care products.
 My contractor couldn't start work until today, so I hired an electrician to update the electrical work in the bathroom to ground the outlets.  That left a hole in the wall.  The electrician offered to fix it but I declined as I was having it fixed three months later anyway.  See the hair care products on the sink, bad, bad, bad.
 So sick and tired of the white, old fashion 4" square tiles.  And you can see that the resurfaced tub is starting to turn blue.  So blue in fact that it started making me blue.
 Just plain old vinyl flooring.  I just plain old hate it!  You've got to go.

WARNING - Very nasty looking photos are following - nothing pretty here.

Well today arrived and so did my contractor.  I was so excited even though I knew I'd be without my bathroom for 7-9 days.  He first removed the sink, toilet and tub.  Repaired and updated some of the plumbing, especially since our cutoff valves to the sink and toilet decided to malfunction, leaking water all over the floor!
This is the tub wall.  It had a window that was covered when we tiles the bathroom in 1996.  Then about two years ago we replaced the siding outside the home and covered the other side of the window.  The window will now be completely removed.  This wall also is an outside wall so I guess the insulation will need to be replaced as well.  (Oh, that means I get to do more shopping, yeah!)

Now, he promises to return tomorrow and I'm praying that he does.  I don't think me and my husband could put this room back together.  I'll be back soon with Day 2 photos.

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  1. So jealous! You are motivating me to go forward with my own bath remodel. I'll be looking forward to seeing the progress. Peggy FVQG

  2. At least, it's not too late for you to remodel your bathroom. Judging from your photos, it really deserves to have a makeover, especially on the cluttered cabinet and glaring lights. You really need to replace them with cooler and more minimal counterparts. Good luck in making your bathroom to look more fabulous!


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