Friday, August 24, 2012

Bath Remodel Day 5, maybe 6 too

Yeah, now I see progress!  I have a tub.  It's all install inside the wall.  While on the subject of inside the wall, we had another problem.  Prior to purchasing this home, a bathroom was installed in the basement.  When the toilet was installed, they inserted the vent pipe upwards (as it should be) but didn't attach it to the main stack.  I guess they didn't want to rip out the wall to finish the job correctly. My family has looked at me strangely on occasion when I would walk into the house and say, "what's that smell?"  I have a very picky nose.  Well, I was validated yesterday and the problem was corrected today, prior to closing the wall.
 Picture showing shower head that was raised about seven inches.
 Had to remove the door today so we could install the remaining drywall.
 Here is where the new sink is going.  Yeah, no big hole in the wall anymore!
The downside of this day is that I now have sand dust all over my home and it will get worse before it gets better.  Tomorrow, day 6 will be another day of sanding.

Hopefully on Monday, Day 7, the painting will start.  Can you guess the new color of the bath?

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  1. I love the idea of having my bathroom remodeled, but hate the thought of the process and the mess. You deserve a fabulous bathroom just for putting up with the inconvenience. Sounds like you found a great contractor.

  2. Katie is so right! Well, I guess, that’s the sentiment of every homeowner who has to go through bathroom remodeling. The mess is what makes the process extra tiring, despite the everyday progress. I’m glad you’re thrilled with even little developments in your bathroom. I think that was an important move you did with it. Any unwanted hole isn’t flattering, and this applies to every room in the house. My guess for the color of the bath is blue. Am I right? ;)

  3. It will get worse, indeed, before it actually gets better. That is how it is when reconstructing a house or a part of it. Fixing the mistakes of the previous owners of the house should be done almost immediately to avoid greater damage to your new house. It would be much messier if you let things be, and only start reconstruction when there are a thousand other things that need fixing.

    William Gulliver


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