Monday, July 19, 2010

Design Wall Monday

First quilting project completed was hand sewing the binding on Asian Influence.  After that I went to work on the remaining siggy blocks for the wedding quilt, especially seeing as the wedding was nearing.  I made 100 more siggy blocks.  Of the 200 blocks, I have 150 of them signed.  Now I have to wait until the happy couple return from their honeymoon to view the blocks before sewing them into a quilt.  Also, some guests attended the wedding but not the reception so I'll give them the extra blocks so they can collect a few more signatures.

I spent my lunch hours last week cutting pieces for two rail fence quilts.  The blocks on the left are cut from 2.5" strips and the blocks on the right are cut from 3" strips.  I made 24 of each set although only 22 show in the picture.  They may not look like much now, but I plan to manipulate them a bit.  This will be a project for my scrap quilting club in August.  I have to work a month ahead to provide them with a cutting list.

Now, for the exciting part.  Yesterday I pulled red fabrics to make this Pineapple Nine Patch quilt.  The design is by Cathy Wierzbicki in a book titled, "Geometric Gems by That Patchwork Place."  I've only cut a few units from 5 of the 15 red fabrics I plan to use.  The pattern recommends using 12 fabrics but I added a few more in the mix as we scrap quilters tend to do.  This is a big quilt and I plan to work on it in stages.  Anyone with the book who is interested in working on this project with me, leave a comment.  If I get a few requests, I'll make a schedule for us to work on each week with links to the blogs.  You must have the book, as I'm not giving cutting or sewing directions.  This quilt is so pretty that I want to have one too...

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  1. I love wedding photos--they look so happy!
    You can't go wrong with random scrappy! It looks so fun and easy. I think that will be DGD's project for this week.
    I'm running from the Pineapple project.....running fast!!!

  2. I love scrappy quilts! Yours looks wonderful, very bright and cheery!

  3. The couple will cherish that quilt forever. And the pineapple quilt done in shades of red will be stunning, I'm sure.

  4. That pineapple quilt is stunning!!!!!!!!! I don't have that book, but if I did I would be so tempted to join you in a quilt along.

  5. pretty pineapples....The rails look great too. Nice fabrics.

  6. I will join you in makking the pineaple quilt. I alwaya wanted to make one. I have the book. Robin

  7. what a beautiful couple. But who isn't radiant on their wedding day! Love the deep blue she is carrying. glen

  8. What a gorgeous couple....and what a terrific idea with the siggie blocks....Khris


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