Monday, July 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Hello and welcome to another Design Wall Monday.  I've had a very productive week.  I did finish my "mystery" scrap quilting club quilt top I talked about last week.  I'll post photos from the entire group at the end of the month. 

My picture below shows my design wall as it currently stands:
(1) The blue and pink blocks and strips on the left are a charity project that I'm working on with a buddy.  I sewed the blocks and will make the quilt top.  The strips will be the binding and if I get time, I'll make the backing.  Then I pass it to my buddy who will quilt the top and bind it.  The pattern can be found here.
(2) The diagional strips block and strings to the left is the start of the July scrap quilting club project that will be assigned later this month.  My strips are all sewn for the project.  I'm working ahead so I can tell them what to do as I don't have written directions online for this one.  It has a cleaver technique for cutting the strings into blocks without sewing the diagional seams.  I'm hoping to make a tutorial for this one that will be posted in August.
(3) The stack of 12 blocks with snowman fabric and snowman embroidered center are for an online calendar block swap.  I had the month of January so I made "Snowman in an Evening Star" for the trade.  They'll be mailed tomorrow.

My last project this week was piecing a Bento Box quilt top for charity quilt donated by the scrap quilting club.  One member donated her center with 12 blocks to start this project.  I asked additional participants to donate blocks and they did.  I cut and rearranged them into this setting, making an additional 18 blocks that were placed around the provided center.  I have such a great group that I have someone making the backing, providing the quilting, providing the batting, and sewing the binding.  I really do have a terrific group of quilters surrounding me.

I put the cathedral stars on the back burner this week.  I hope to get back to that after my step-daughter's weeding next weekend.  I have a busy week scheduled sewing/not quilting too much though.  My daughter (who is maid of honor) is about 5 feet and her dress is about 5 inches too long.  It has 3 full layers so that's what I'll be doing this week starting tomorrow.  So, I have today to quilt, maybe go to JoAnn's, and do the laundry.  To see what other design walls are showing, visit Judy's site.
Tea in MO


  1. Color, color everywhere! Love all the color you have going on in all your quilting. Thank you for sharing your design wall and for all the wonderful links.

    Have a super great and colorful day!

  2. You have a great club! You are always working on a fun project. Bento Box--my favorite! I LOVE this one. It is so bright and cheerie, someone is going to be very happy. Good work Ladies!

  3. Love the snowman star blocks! And the Bento box quilt is so happy...makes me want to run to my scraps and start sewing!

  4. I have never done a bento box but every time I see one I want to make one.
    Your several projects are so colorful.

  5. You have been busy. I love the bento box and the strings are intriguing. Have fun at the wedding.

  6. Your snowman stars are adorable and the bento box quilt turned out great! I hope your dress hemming goes fast so you can get back to quilting. Enjoy the wedding!


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