Monday, June 7, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I had a little problem with blogger this morning.  Did anyone else?

I have a few things to share this.  First, I finished the border for one of my x-block quilts.  I really liked how it turned out.  I still have pieces cut from the border that I need to use in some project.

Then Friday I decided to start making the Memorial day quilt at Judy's site.  Why?  I have absolutely no idea and it makes absolutely no sense.  I have way too many UFOs and here is another.  I worked all weekend and have cut all parts and sewn through day 4.

While working on the previous projects, I chained on/off with my tri-recs pieces of the Cathedral Stars project.  I still have quite a few that need the 3rd piece sewn.

That's it for me this week.  I haven't been sewing much Mondays-Thursdays as I'm trying to incorporate exercise into my life.  I line dance 2 nights and then go to Curves for 2 nights.  Does anyone attend Curves on a regular basis?  I would love to know before signing a contract if that circle format gets to be a bore after a while.  To see more design walls, go here.
-------------------------- Type-u-later, Tea in MO


  1. Isn't that funny when you get overcome with the desire to start a quilt, even though you have a hundred other ones you could work on?!? That happens to me all the time!
    Are you doing the mystery?!?!

  2. Tea, wow, the borders on your X-block quilt is awesome.....really striking.

  3. Yes, "BLOGGER" was having a real you have 2 or 3 comments from me on one of your posts....LOL
    The borders on this latest quilt X Block is outstanding!!!!!

  4. Your X-block quilt is amazing! I love the border. As usual, you've really been productive this week

  5. Wow, fantastic X-block! Love it! And yep, I was having blogger issues, too. As for the Memorial Day Quilt: it's beautiful and will make somebody happy!

  6. OMGosh! Those borders are awesome!

  7. Your border are totally gorgeous!

    I did curves a couple of years ago. The circles didn't bother me as much as the inability to increase the weight as I got stronger. I went to a real gym after that.


  8. I am also making Judy's memorial day quilt, still working on the borders. I LOVE the turquoise in your quilt, it really is lovely!

  9. Oh my, your X block quilt is beautiful, and the borders - WOW! I love the Memorial Day quilt also, and I'm going to go look at Judy's blog as soon as I finish commenting here.


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