Monday, August 31, 2009

Mirage Quilt

I was busy over the weekend. I'm working behind the scenes on the quilt guild's show at the end of September. Still, and in order to keep my sanity (however overrated that is), I keep pushing forth at the sewing machine. I finished this recycled bargello style quilt that I will donate to charity. It was already pieced with the green border on it. I had it hanging in an oval hand quilting frame for years. I took it down about 2 years ago, deciding to make it into a quilt instead of trashing it. I added the pieced and final borders. Now, it is a nice lap quilt. For those don't know, my goal is to make at least one quilt for everyone in my family and some of my "special friends." I counted this weekend and I need 17 more. I started with over 100. I'm working on 6 quilts that will go to the same family that I hope to have done by year end. I find when you give one child a quilt in the household, you will be nagged constantly until they all get a quilt. This is my nephew's family who has 3 sons (1 set of twins) and 2 daughters. Of course I have go make one for my nephew as well. The Floral Gardens quilt (see previous post) will go to one daughter and I just basted the Pinwheels quilt for one of the twins. One quilt needs 2 borders added. And I have 3 more with back already made waiting to be quilted. I'm so happy about the declining number of quilts needed for family/friends. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...
-------------------------- Type-u-later, Tea in MO

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