Friday, February 10, 2012

The Strip Stick

I want to introduce you to the Strip Stick designed by Babb Enterprises.  This gadget was written up in the new products section of Quiltmaker.  I recently saw the stick about a month ago but didn't purchase it at that time.  Recently I had a class participant ask lots of questions about pressing seams open for a particular project so last week end I purchased the Strip Stick to test the product.

It passed with flying colors.  While I don't have problems pressing my seams open, it does make the job easier and the seams stay flat.  I didn't even have to press on the right side to make that happen.  I found that you can use steam or if you have a very hot iron, steam is not necessary.

I'm so sold on this product!  I used the 18" size to press rows 80+ inches long; just moved the seam down as I pressed.  Since then, I've purchased more sticks for those in the St. Louis area who may want to try the stick. The price is 8.99 but I need to add shipping making the total $10.00.  This month's Scrap Quilting Club participants will have the opportunity to win a 18" strip stick and I'll bring mine so you can test it too.  I only have a two of the 45" strip and that cost is $17.00.

Here is a video from the manufacturer:

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  1. How do I purchase the 45" one from you?


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