Monday, August 23, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I didn't get much sewing time this week because I had meetings each evening after work Monday through Friday.  So with limited time available to me during the week days, I cut more flowers on my Go! cutter and placed sets into baggies.

On Saturday and Sunday I started quilting the Hot and Cold quilt.  I had some problems with thread constantly breaking.  I changed the needle, cleaned the machine, and even changed the type of needle.  I did have a little better luck if I sewed at a much slower speed though.  In doing that, it's taking twice as long to get it quilted.  I'm just doing simple free style wiggly lines, changing variegated threads in the "hot" and "cold" blocks.  I got a chance to stabilize between the blocks in both directions and then quilted 4 of the 8 rows of blocks.  I have scrap quilting club this weekend so I don't know how much further I'll get on it this week.  I'm looking forward to washing this one to achieve that old fashion style texture.

I got a little bored and aggravated with the machine quilting so on Sunday evening I prepped another Pushin' Up Spring block.  It's now ready for the applique pieces.  This will be my fourth block (typo in photo) and is really block #3 in the series.  I sort of bounced around when I started this BOM and am now working on the blocks in order.  This is not my design (copyrighting the photo only), but a BOM available from Apple Blossom Quilts; click on newsletter and sign up. 

Thanks for visiting.  If you enjoy virtual quilt shows, visit other Design Wall Monday sites.  The list can be found at Patchwork Times.
Tea in MO


  1. You've been busy, even with all your meetings! Way to go!

  2. Ohhh, I love both. The hot and cold quilt is something I really need to try. I am not sure about all the thread changes, ;). I have problems occassionally with thread breakage too and I think that the humidity isn't helping. I had a bad needle and I can only use a 50 weight thread in my machine. Thread breakage really irks me. I just have to step away from the machine sometimes and then later on it all works just fine. Go figure!

  3. Thread breakage is the most frustrating thing....I think it's one of the reasons I put off quilting the Steelers quilt this weekend because I have to change tread types & I'm afraid it will cause breaking :( You still accomplished a lot with your little bit of time!!

  4. Oh, I really like your blocks: love both the color and pattern. I do understand the frustration with troublesome quilting. I have had those days also.

  5. Don't you just hate when you want to quilt fast, and the thread does not co-operate and let you go fast?!? It looks great though!

  6. really like the hot/cold quilt-bummer about the thread issues-so many things it could be-someone could have sneezed in Mexico, or is that a butterfly flapped it's wings?...;) issues like that are so frustrating-hope it goes better for you next time!!

  7. I really love your hot and cold quilt. I think I may use that idea for a log cabin with some black and white centers and sashing. What do you think?

  8. Hi Tea. Love the block you made. That would make for a great quilt with loads of space to quilt....kind of like a wedding ring design but I'm rambling. Take care and keep cool.


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