Monday, November 23, 2009

My Weekend and Correcting a Seam in Quilt Top

I'm on a roll!  Did not post for three weeks, now I have 3 posts in a week.  I had a productive quilt weekend.  I attended local quilt shop BOM then had an actual sewing quilt guild meeting all on Saturday. 

Sunday I decided that my scatter brain syndrome was actually caused by having 30+ quilt tops that need to be quilted.  A large portion of those are bed size quilts.  So, I decided to organize them to send some out for professional long arm machine quilting.  Of course, the tops I wanted quilted were not the ones I made backs for in August.  So, I sat down and made backs for the remaining 8 tops.  Then I contacted 3 long armers and have 7 quilts I will distribute between them.  I dropped off 3 yesterday, another 2 tomorrow, and 2 more next Tuesday.  Now I feel a little better.  This stint even caused me to put a quilt I had already basted in my sewing chair where I cannot ignore it.  So, it's either sewing on the quilt or no sewing at all.

As I was working on a back for this quilt top that I pieced in April 2006.  I noticed something very strange.  Do you see it?

I have no idea how the blue strips got in the pink area.  I didn't do it...did I.  I thought that was very funny as I have this quilt posted on my website ( ) and didn't notice it when I took the photo years ago.

My first thought was to leave it in the quilt as is.  But that small amount of obsessive compulsive behavior that resides in me wouldn't let it be.  I then went looking for the fabric I used for the stars but found I do not have any more in my stash.

Then I thought, if I remember correctly, I have one or two left over strings from piecing this quilt and the star points were already sewn on the strings.  So, I went to my stash of strings left over from strip piecing, you know the stuff that a lot of people trash.  Oh my, I have an excellent memory.  After only a few minutes of looking, this is what I found. 

So I made a hole in my quilt top like this.

And filled it in and now my quilt top looks like this -

Now I'll never be convinced to throw my scraps and extra pieced strips away.  This one paid off big time!
Tea in MO


  1. Love the little star connectors and how you salvaged those strings. Pretty quilt!

  2. That's pretty cool. Now, aren't you glad you fixed it??

  3. As my mother would have said - it would never be seen on a galloping horse. At first glance I didn't see it and probably would not have except that I knew that there was a "goof" in there somewhere.

    It is a lovely quilt. I love log cabins, as you probably know from whatching my blog.


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