Monday, March 2, 2009

Just so so...

I was productive this week, just not exactly on track the entire time. I only pieced the triangle for my Dear Jane quilt. I did trace the last kite but have not appliqued or stitched the embroidery. I just couldn't do it... I did finish the Magic Trip Around the World quilt top. I even made backing and have it pin basted so it's ready for quilting. Just couldn't bring myself to fight with it under my sewing machine arm this weekend. In addition, I also added border and made backing for Jitter Buzz top. I was really proud of myself that I got this much done. I also pieced and cut fabrics for my Rising Stars quilt top. I decided upon a setting which changed the number of blocks I planned to make. I'll try to add photos in a day or so. Since I've been quilting a lot of quilts lately, I decided to save my sanity and purchased some quilt backing fabrics. I purchase enough for 3 quilts from a local quilt shop and then went online and purchase enough for 3-4 quilts. I just need a break, especially since I have about 30+ quilt tops that need backings. I even pulled out the left over fabrics from previous backs that I plan to piece together (when I feel like it :0). I think I'm in a slump right now... -------------------------- Type-u-later, Tea in MO

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