Wednesday, February 4, 2009

117 far

Since my flash died, I've been looking in closets, containers, drawers, boxes, cabinets, and even my website to recreate my list of UFOs. To my dismay, I've counted 117 so far and I'm sure I'm missing something. Right here, right now, I vow to finish at least 10 of them before starting a new project (other than machine embroidery as I'm in a monthly club and I get points and retreat project I've already purchased fabric for that's later this month.) I'm just awed that I have this many WIPs, even though I teach classes and some are samples. I found while compiling my list that I have approximately 40 tops that need quilting and another 20 or so that need borders. I tend to make twin size or larger projects and some how the quilting has just gotten lost. Time to correct. So, I'm going to start with projects that do not require custom quilting and work on those first. It is a sad, sad day in my house. How sad is it in yours? LOL I'm sure it can't be as awful as mine.

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