Monday, March 7, 2016

January and February Finishes

My goal is to get some UFOs that I need in lectures quilted.  Also, I want to give myself challenges of using different quilting designs and use different techniques to complete the quilts.  I'm using my quilts as a learning opportunity.  I figure by the time I complete the load of tops I have to quilt, I should have experience to quilt any style of quilt.  In the past, I've only used meandering, loops, and spirals.

Jelly Roll Jam II is the first quilt I quilted on my long arm quilting machine.  Although I'd use long arm machines in the past, I'd never sewn using pantos.  This is my first!  I feel it took way longer than if I'd done my traditional edge to edge designs I'm comfortable with.  However, this is the first technique I learned and I'm proud that I was successful. This quilt top was a made in January 2015.
Closeup quilting of Jelly Roll Jam II
I quilted a healing quilt for my sister that I forgot to take a picture.  I experimented with polyester batting, the thicker kind.  I can honestly say, "I don't like polyester thick batting."  So the third quilt I finished is Noodles.  I used a ruler and stitched in the ditch, my first custom quilt, and used a new to me spiral quilting design in the pink borders.  I matched the thread so well that you can't see it from the front.

Close up quilting of Noodles; I used meandering the the scrappy areas.

I practiced on the Noodles quilt so that I could use an adaptation of the spiral design in the rows on this Autumn Braid quilt.  I stitched in the ditch, diagonal loops, and spirals in the print rows. I had fun with this one.


I have four more tops quilted that I'm working to get binding completed.  Stay tuned for more fun!

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