Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scrap Quilting Club Meeting 3/7/15

The scrap quilters met a week late due to scheduling and weather conflicts.  I thought the meeting for February would never happen as it had to be scheduled three times.  I'm so glad we had it as the show and tell was plentiful and the company entertaining.

Door prizes were won by Judi and Connie
Projects prizes were won by Judi and Sue
Year long prize was won by Cynthia

So here goes the show!

I showed two t-shirt quilt tops; they both need backings made prior to quilting.

 My February project called Simon Simon.
 My March project; I showed what the project is for the next meeting.
 My year long project rows 2 and 3.

Following is a mix of 2015 projects, prior year projects and individual projects.

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  1. Do you have a PDF of Simon, Simon pattern????

  2. Tea, what pattern did you use for Simon Simon? I think I have some scraps that are dying to make this quilt :)

  3. Well, it seems like great minds think alike! I see someone else is looking for Simon Simon also.

  4. Here is link for Simple Simon Pattern:


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