Monday, October 11, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I was able to work on my Pineapple Nine Patch quilt last week.  I now have all the block units made.  Now comes the fun part, piecing the blocks.  To see pictures of my progress, click link above.

My craft guild at work met on Friday.  I usually baste quilts or cut projects.  In July I purchased the 2009 Collective Reds FQ bundle that includes 20 Kaffe Fassett FQs.  When they arrived, they were not at all what I had in mind so they sat in a corner for a while.  Needing something to work on Friday, I decided to cut the material into various size squares and rectangles.  It appeared a little too busy so I then added a few Kona Cotton solids thus giving the eye a place to rest.  These are all the units pieced (some of them are stacks as I ran out of space on the design wall.)  I still needed to add spacers to get them all to fit.

I actually got the blocks and spacer units organized as best I could to space out the fabrics (remember, this was not planned ahead of time).  SURPRISE, SURPRISE!  As I played with the layout, I fell in love with it!  Here is a final picture of the top (photo sideways as blogger sometimes does.  The lime green print is the top left corner.)  When I started working on this quilt I was all ready to gift it.  Now, I'll have to rethink the plan; maybe, maybe not.  This is my first quilt top using Fassett fabric predominately throughout the quilt.  I have some more fabric that will arrive tomorrow so I'll plan another one and see which one I like best.

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Tea in MO

I want to thank those who commented on my site the last 2 weeks.  I've been so busy that I just haven't had time to respond to each comment as I usually do.  I don't have access to my personal email when away from home; can view blogs but e-mail sites are blocked.  When I am home (which is very limited) I prefer to sew instead of  being on the computer.  My sewing time has suffered greatly since I started line dancing exercise classes (which I also enjoy.)  Please know that I read each comment; just not able to respond to all of them.


  1. Nice work with the Kaffe Fassette prints! What is it about those fabrics that bring out the creativity in everyone they touch? I love seeing what people do with them (planned or not).

    I made my first purchases of KF fabric earlier this summer thanks to a few fabric sales. I started picking fabrics for my version of one of the quilts from one of his books (too chicken to wing it for the first project!). Unfortunately I've got a stack of other projects I want to get done then I will devote some focus time just to KF.

  2. Whooo hooo, I love that layout and sometimes things that are planned turn out so great!!! I don't always have such great results. Have fun dancing!!

  3. I like to touch of blue and yellow in the blocks. Really makes it pop.

  4. Wow! I love your impromptu Kaffe sings :)

  5. I am enjoying your pineapple quilt a long and wishing I had the time to participate. Look forward to seeing those quilts come together!
    Your kaffe quilt is full of life and energy...very happy! I have never sewn with these fabrics....yet!
    ENjoy line dancing...great exercise!

  6. The pineapple quilt is looking great! Like Kathy, I wish I had time to play too. Love the brightness of this happy quilt! Line dancing...I would love to do that but my feet will not listen to my brain sometimes. :) Have fun.....

  7. Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I do understand about questioning gifting. The quilt I just finished is looking so good I would love to have it myself. However, as always, it will leave my home and be welcomed elsewhere.

  8. Ooooh, beautiful Kaffe! Love it! Sitting on some of his fabric myself and haven't dared yet to cut into it...

  9. Your impromptu creation is lovely. I like the little bit of blue, green and yellow, it really makes the rest of the quilt pop.

  10. Wow! That just about knocks your eyes out!
    Nothing like a bit of color... It should be interesting to see how it ends up.


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