Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 46, 47, 48 and 49

I have 4 blocks to upload, 2 for last week and 2 for this week.  I'm still one block behind as I should have 50 completed by week's end.  It feels great to be at the half way point in my journey.  I just pulled fabrics from FQs and scraps to make these blocks so they have no defined theme.

Block 46 Midnight Dream
#126 on page 34
Carolyn Cullinan McCormick
CM Designs, Inc.
57 pieces

A great paper pieced block.  I found that the 4 corner units would make a great block as well so it's two blocks in one.

Block 47 Simply Sweet
#109 on page 26
Barbara Jones
7 pieces

I need to make some applique blocks so this one is easy.  I didn't even reverse the pattern to make with fusible web as the original is hand applique.  I've finally realized I can't do them all by needle turn with my current schedule; that's how I got behind making the blocks.  I decided to use satin stitch instead of button hole stitch.  I find the washed quilts hold up better with the satin stitch.

Block 48 Star Flight
#155 on page 49
Kathy Brown
The Teacher's Pet
37 pieces

Cute and easy to piece block. Enjoy the strong contrast of the black print with the other fabrics.

Block 49 Payton's Star
#160 on page 51
Sharyn Craig
37 pieces

This one is my favorite for the week.  Love the appearance that the block is made on point.

P.S. - Anyone going to Paducah on Friday?


Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday

My neighborhood was affected by the severe weather that hit the St. Louis area this weekend.  I was fortunate that my family and I did not suffer damages to our homes.  Most of us lost power from Friday evening through Sunday.  As I look at the damages to the metropolitan area, we are very fortunate that no fatalities occurred.  God definitely protected many, many people.

I did make one of my QM challenge blocks but will upload it later this week with additional blocks.  Scrap quilting club was canceled Saturday due to the weather so no pictures this month.  This is the start of our project due next month.  I only need 35 starter blocks but sewed everything I had in a bag of strings given to me by Doris at our last quilt guild meeting.  This is the result one person's trash being someone else treasure.

Since I had no power, a friend invited me over to sew and I quickly and graciously accepted.  I quilted the Black, White and "Red" All Over quilt for my retiring supervisor.  This will be her last week on the job.  Not sure how I feel about the next batch of changes affecting my department in the next few months.  Everyone hired or that I've worked with, having had close working relationships, have retired.  I'm having a woo is me kind of moment right now. I just need look over the quilt to clip strings and check quilting tension before handing it over as the binding is also done.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This design wall is sparse.  I had meetings 6 of 7 days last week with one day having two meetings!  I was able to work on the 100 blocks by working on a few pieces at a time.  This is what I had Sunday at bed time.  I made 5 blocks this week and started on one for this week.  I'm one block behind which I will not be making anytime soon!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 43, 44 and 45

After posting the other two blocks for last week, I realized that I was four blocks off schedule.  So, I got busy on Saturday and made three more.  I'm now one block behind, #129 Sew Little Time.  I really wanted make this sewing machine block but need special fusible web that I don't have at home.

Block 43 Paisley Punch
#107 on page 25
Dian Harris
Associate Editor, Quiltmaker
9 pieced

This block was a challenge for me even though it's one of the simpler ones.  I decided not to needle turn, as indicated in the directions.  I decided to try freezer paper technique and forgot about reversing the patterns; didn't matter in the end but my block is reversed.  I also tried for the first time to use my machine blind hem stitch.  I wasn't happy with that result either.  Maybe I should have chose another sewing machine for this technique, not my older one.

Block 44 Diamond Blade
#189 on page 66
Leslee Price
Painted Pony 'n Quilts
Mine = 80 pieces

A great scrap buster block.  I changed the method of piecing.  First, I cut two strips to make the 4-patches instead of cutting individual squares; made them a lot faster.  Next, instead of making 12 HSTs, I made 4 HSTs and 4 flying geese units thus reducing the number of pieces.

Block 45 Carousel
#192 on page 67
Gerri Robinson
Planted Seed Designs
92 pieces

The ultimate scrap buster block.  Nothing need to match actually, even the pinwheels.  The center five pinwheels were leftovers from blocks I made last week, already sewn.  Just trimmed them to size.  The outer four pinwheels are from HSTs leftover when piecing fabrics for bindings on the diagonal.  This block has 24 different fabrics but could have used a lote more!  Sorry for bad photo; it was blurry and this was the best my software could do.

I wanted to share a photo of a friend's quilt top made with Asian fabrics using 100 Blocks, Vol. 2.  When I saw the quilt I tried to convince her to start a blog but she declined.  It's so pretty that I just had to show you.  She now has border on the quilt and will be quilting it soon.

As I look at Cynthia's quilt top, I can recognize a lot of the blocks I have already made.  Leave me a post letting me know how many of Cynthia's block you have made.  Will be interesting to see who has made the most.  I think I made 21 of the 25 blocks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 41 and 42

I'm ahead this week posting a couple of blocks.  I know that I have some applique blocks assigned that I have not completed yet.  Still, I haven't had time to tally how many blocks I should have at this point.  My goal is to post a few blocks and then I can get some other things done.

Block 41 Homestead Album
#184 on page 63
Sarah Maxwell and Delores Smith
Homestead Hearth
44 pieces

I must be in a churn dash mood.  I like this block and it's a great scrap buster block.  I did change the 3-piece corner units so that the print and background fabrics did not rotate around the block.  I like the secondary design that changing the positions created.  Homestead Hearth in Mexico, MO is one of my favorite quilt shops.  They are over 100 miles from my home but I still visit them 3-4 times a year.

Block 42 - Shoe Boxes
#127 on page 35
Denise Starck
Graphic Designer, Quiltmaker

What fun block to make, especially around Easter.  I'm calling this one Easter Pumps.  I could have used fabrics that contrasts more but then they wouldn't have looked like spring-type shoes.  In addition, I made my heels and straps in a fabric other than the actual shoe as shown.  I just wanted to see how the shoes would look with two fabrics over using just one. I like them both ways and this would be a great pattern made in scrappy pairs, especially for a shoe lover. Be careful when paper piecing; you need to cut these wedges really big.  Ask me how I know...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I've been a tad busier than my design wall shows.  The problem is I had a lot of meetings this week and although two of them were sewing related, sewing outside my home actually slowed down my progress as we were having too much fun.  I also decided to become a line dance instructor this week, replacing someone who decided to go back to school.  So, I'm a little nervous about officially having everyone looking to me for inspiration though I have been assisting various instructors for a while.

Here is my design wall as it currently stands.  Piecing DWR quilt is time consuming.  These are the same pieces I had on the all last Monday but the arcs are now sewn.  I think two of the melons are pieces.  This will be a WIP.  I'm leaving it up on the wall until it's done otherwise the pieces may never come out of storage.

On the bottom of the wall are the Quiltmaker's 100 blocks 37-40.  I'm a little behind on them and hope to get caught up this week.

I sewed three borders to the Bloomin' Flowers quilt this week.  I'm sad now that I can't quilt it yet as I have three tops that I have to get done ASAP.  This has to be my favorite quilt I've made in a while.  I put of spring decorations today and so wished it was completed so I could display it.  Maybe if I worked on DWR quilt above I could hang it on the design wall to pretty up my room.  Geese, anybody want to work in my sweat shop?

I worked on partial borders on a couple of other quilts but will show them when they are completed.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks: Blocks 38, 39 and 40

I've been behind with the blocks so today I sat down and completed 3; have 1 more in the making.  I chose all traditional pieced blocks so I could get them completed without needing fusible, freezer paper, paper piecing tools, etc. I haven't touched the book with the patterns for a while and spent about an hour looking for it.  Of course it was in a non-sewing area, making me wonder "why did I put it there." 

Block 38 Sew-Easy Butterflies
#200 on page 71
by Darlene Zimmerman
Needlings, Inc.
28 pieces

Such a fun block to make.  It went together rather quickly, just as the name implies.  I'd love to have a large quilt of this pattern. 

In an effort to make the blocks quickly, all of them are just scraps laying around the sewing room left over from Bloomin' Flowers quilt top I recently made.

Block 39  Star Dance
#188 on page 65
by Celine Perkins
Perkins Dry Goods
37 pieces

I like the addition of the HSTs in the corners to change this block.

Block 40 Chunky Monkey
#187 on page 65
by Carrie Nelson
Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
73 pieces

Whew!  That's a lot of pieces in a 12" block BUT it is my favorite this week.  I would love to have a large bed size quilt of this block.  It is just beautiful.  I used the same print in the middle of the churn dash blocks instead of choosing a different fabric for each one.  From the print I chose the other colors to use for the churn dash units and the sashing.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I've been very busy this week, completing a few quilt centers and even starting another project.  First up is my Zigzag 9 which is part of scrap quilting club.  This top is due at the April meeting and I actually got it ready 3 weeks early.  Last week I sewed the blocks into rows.  This week I pressed the rows, make a few corrections (ripping) and now have a quilt top.  I do plan to add a couple of borders although not required by the pattern.

Then I pin basted the quilt I would like to have completed by the end of the month.

The majority of my time this week was spent machine embroidering the blocks needed to finish Bloomin' Flowers.  I even have the entire center sewn and the 2nd pieced border is ready.  I selected fabrics as I made blocks and am so happy with my UNplanned quilt.

I was blessed this week and received 3 Accuquilt GO! dies in the mail! They are Dresden Plate, Double Wedding Ring, and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.

Of course I couldn't let them all sit in the packages.  I decided to make the sample project included with the die, four rings, to test the die cutting accuracy (see if I need to use paper or not) and ease of piecing.  I got a few units cut and laid out on the design wall.  Hopefully I can get this top sewn this week.

To see more great projects, visit Patchwork Times for a complete list.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scrap Quilting Club

Here are the very late pictures from scrap quilting club 8 days ago!  Hey, I've been busy so come back and check my design wall Monday post to see what got my attention this week.

The main project was to have Scrappy Stars tops completed.  The only ones to show up  this month completed was mine and Norma's.  Drew is working on hers as you can see in the photo.  Hopefully we'll have more of these quilt forth coming in  the next month or two.

We have a year long project with the Exploding Star and here are some works in progress.

 In addition, two of last years projects came back to class for show-n-tell

Come back later this month to see the Zigzag 9 quilts.  They are sure to be awesome!