Monday, June 18, 2012

Design Wall Monday

It's been a long time since I've posted and even longer since I've had something for design wall Monday!  I've been really, really busy with quilting lectures, quilting workshops, and line dancing events.  All of these activities have caused for much time spent writing lesson plans, making copies, and a whole lot of traveling that included massive amount of packing and unpacking.  I went to Altoona, Iowa in May and Indianapolis, Indiana in June.  I'm planning a few more trips before the end of the summer.

Here is a picture of me taken at a lecture I gave at the Kirkwood Public Library last Thursday.  I had approximately fifty attendees and they remarked how much they enjoyed the program.  Thank you Joan for selecting me as your June speaker.

My scrap quilting club will meet this Saturday.  I decided to work on the project the group will start so I can be prepared to answer questions.  I started this earlier this year, knowing it would be a project for the group but needed to do a quick refresher.  I like this photo as it really shows the values of the fabrics; not so sure it's as visible looking at it on my design wall.  This quilt is Rouge River Log Cabin and was in a magazine.  I need to figure out which magazine as my page is torn; will update later if I find it.

This is also a scrap quilting club project that was due last month, but I just got started yesterday.  It looks a little strange, but we are making totes using scraps, no yardage off the shelves.  I recycled some of the scraps from the string drunkard's path quilt top for one side.  The other side of the bag called for a pocket so I decided to use basic string piecing on that side; part of the pocket and strip isn't sewn down yet as I need to quilt it first. What you see here is the front and back sewn to the bottom.  I need to quilt this section  to batting.  Stay tuned to see how this turn out.  I'm hoping life don't interrupt my getting it completed by Saturday's meeting.

That's it for me.  I so enjoyed using my sewing machine again.  I had a weird day yesterday and the process of being creative calmed me.  To see more design wall, visit
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